School robot ŠR-1 “MIRO”

School robot ŠR-1 consisted of following parts:

  • mechanical part
  • electronically controlled gripping unit
  • manipulation and control system
  • PMD 85-2 software (supplied on a tape recorder cassette)

Mechanical part of school robot was made of plastic. The drive of individual axes was provided by stepper motors and tooth gears. Gripping unit attached to robot wrist was used for object manipulation.

The robot control itself was provided by control system and computer PMD 85-2 (PMD 85-2 was not supplied with the robot, but its software was). This control system was placed in a separate box. Parallel and serial interface served as the connection to computer. The connection to other peripheral devices and the synchronization with them was realised through external input/output logic signals.

Robot’s control was provided by a manual-mode operating system or by the means of special instruction file that corresponded with the one of a real industrial robot OJ-10 RS (e.g. editing, program run, program saving and listing). Second version of robot software had an instruction file derived from a programming language BASIC.

This robot was used for practical and visual familiarisation with industrial robots and for teaching industrial robots and manipulators programming. It was possible to apply the knowledge of technical cybernetics to industrial robot and manipulators control. ‘MIRO’ could be incorporated in schemes of different numerical control system machines (robots, milling cutters, turning lathes etc.).

ŠR-1 "Miro"

Technical parameters

Loading capacity: 0,5 kg
Position repeatability: +/- 1,25 mm
No. of degrees of freedom: 5 + gripping unit
Weight: 20 kg
Drive: stepper motors
Range of working movement:
- maximum/minimal size of gripping unit: 60/0 mm
Range of work speed:
- speed of the robot arm: 48°/s
- speed of orientation mechanism: 60°/s
No. of controlled axes: 6
No. of input/output logic signals:
- inputs: 6
- outputs: 6
Method of programming: programming language specially derived from an existing industrial robot OJ-10 RS
Computer connection: serial interface V-24
Energy input: 500 W
Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
Control system dimensions: 480 x 330 x 400 (width x height x length)
Mechanical space including computer: 6 m²
Produced by: ZŤS, n. p., Detva